DEFCAD is a repository for small arms technical data. It was built to serve as a public good and an ongoing, standardized resource for the American rifleman and gunsmith.

We invite you to share original and legacy firearms models, CAD/CAM data, blueprints and drawings.

Unlike Cults or other platforms, DEFCAD does not currently support the direct sale of files. Your subscription affords unlimited acces to free and licensed files.

Yes! DEFCAD is the largest sponsor of DIY gun development. Over 50 developers and organizations earn money at DEFCAD. Review our Sponsorship Program for details.

Support the creators or become a member: https://ddlegio.com.

Accessing Files

Log in to your DEFCAD account. Upon viewing an entity page, you will see either a "Download" or "Add to Cart" button.

State and Commerce Department regulations restrict 3D file transfers to "U.S. persons". U.S. states like New Jersey further restrict their residents' access to 3D firearms data. DEFCAD enforces standard security and access controls to allow for the legal publication and transfer of 3D guncad data while we fight these authorities' restrictions in court.

DEFCAD will never ask for your SSN.

Federal and state requirements that DEFCAD screen for foreign and communist (New Jersey) users create expenses, and are meant to discourage free and open source 3D gun publication. Legio and other DEFCAD memberships allow us to operate legally, to litigate, and to continue to publish non-commercial and open source files.

In most cases this information is not "collected" - it is generated using standard, third party verification services at the time of access request, and then discarded. Any data that must for technical reasons be maintained is stored securely and then discarded within 24 hours. DEFCAD maintains the highest security and encryption standards possible to protect your information, and we have never suffered a data breach.

You must meet the following requirements:
  1. You must have an active LEGIO membership. You may join LEGIO at https://ddlegio.com.
  2. Your LEGIO account must be verified. You may check your verification status or initiate verification at https://ddlegio.com/dashboard.
  3. Prior to accessing the files, DEFCAD may request certain information to authenticate your account.

Neither LEGIO nor DEFCAD will ask for your SSN.

Failing any of the three steps above, entering incorrect or invalid data, or failing to meet certain other requirements may result in an "access denied" message. After receiving this message, you will need to wait a certain amount of time, which will be specified in the message, after which you may attempt to access a file again. If you believe you received this message in error, you may contact [email protected]

Users located outside of the United States or accessing DEFCAD via a VPN or other anonymizing service may see files listed as "unavailable."


You may sign up for a DEFCAD account by visiting https://defcad.com/account/signup/.

You change your e-mail by visiting https://defcad.com/settings/account/.

You can reset your password by visiting https://defcad.com/settings/password/.

You can edit your profile by visiting https://defcad.com/settings/account/.


DEFCAD partners are community members who are able to upload and showcase their work on DEFCAD.

DEFCAD partners are allowed to upload projects to the repository. They also have a public profile, and can accept followers.

Registered users may apply for partnership by filling out the form at https://defcad.com/partner/dashboard/.


Only DEFCAD partners can upload projects. These partners will have a special "Upload" link in the header leading to the upload form.

DEFCAD staff will review your project, will generate renders of your project, and will add these renders to your project's gallery. After this, your project will be made live in the DEFCAD library.

Yes. You can edit your project to modify its details or upload new versions. Changing the file will temporarily delist your project while DEFCAD staff reviews and re-renders your new version.


Information not associated with your public profile will not be shared with others. See our Privacy Policy for more information.

No. Content may only be submitted by users with a verified and approved partner account.
Ghost Gunner 3s, GG3s, True Desktop CNC, by Defense Distributed Ghost Gunner 3s, GG3s, True Desktop CNC, by Defense Distributed

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